Arc Touch Mouse Software Mac

This app provides configuration settings for Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse and Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition. Note: This app is designed for Windows 10. The mouse obeys software settings nicely, as long as you don’t mix Mac OS X settings with IntelliPoint settings: if you do, programmed button behavior may be unpredictable. The Arc Mouse is compact. For software and drivers select your product from the list below. Mouse and Keyboard Center 11. Windows 10 (64-bit only) Mouse and Keyboard Center 11. Windows 8.1 (32-bit only). Mac OS 10.4.x-10.7 (32-bit and 64-bit) IntelliPoint 8.2. Mp4 to mp3 converter pc. Windows 10 (32-bit only).

  1. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Driver Update
Arc Touch Mouse Software Mac


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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Driver Update

I want to replace my magic mouse. It started out as a love-hate thing which became mostly hate the past year.
I absolutely hate its ergonomics. So I want to replace it but there are two facts:
- I definitely don't want to switch back to scrollwheels
- I would like to keep the ability to configure gestures with something like BetterTouchTool.
Has anyone tested any of the 'Touch' line of Microsoft mice?
They all seem to be much more ergonomic, but I'm particularly worried about:
1) their Mac support. I've read they are compatible, but I am not sure you can use them to their full potential ?
2) can they be fully customized with something like BetterTouchTool ?
3) Does the scroll pad work as with the magic mouse/trackpad ? that is, scrolling with the 'inertia' effect.
Hope anyone can point me in the right direction as I can't stand this thing anymore.