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I clicked on it, highlighted it, and clicked on Quit. A force Quit box came up, I answered Yes, clicked on it, and the icon disappeared!4) I restarted my Mac, and the icon re-appeared. Mac os app arrow button in top right corner of door sticks out.

Jun 17, 2020  Problem 2: Downloaded Folder on Mac’s Dock Disappeared. If you are a regular Mac user, then you must be familiar with the Downloads folder on Mac’s dock. By default, the Downloads folder is available on the dock for us to access with a single click. Nevertheless, there are times when the Downloads folder gets disappeared from Mac’s dock. The fitbit app on my Windows 10 tablet no longer opens and I cannot sync with my fitbit. I decided to uninstall the app and reinstall it. It will not give me an option to uninstall. When I try to download the app again, it says it is already installed, but it will not open. Any ideas what I can do to get the app working?

  1. Make sure that your device supports FaceTime. FaceTime isn’t available or might not appear on some iPhones and iPads purchased or used in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and United Arab Emirates, including Dubai. However, with iOS 11.3 or later, FaceTime is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in Saudi Arabia. And with iOS 12.4 or later, FaceTime is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in Pakistan.
  2. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps and make sure that FaceTime and Camera are turned on. If you have Screen Time turned on for your Camera, you won't be able to use FaceTime.
  3. Search for the FaceTime app in Spotlight or using Siri. If you or someone else removed the FaceTime app, you might need to restore it.
  4. Update your device to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS.

If you still can’t find the FaceTime app, back up your device using your computer or iCloud, then restore your device. After you restore your device, set it up by selecting your region and language. Then restore the data using your computer.

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  1. Restart your Finder App. Press the ‘ Option ’ key and right-click on the Finder icon on the dock and choose ‘ Relaunch ’ Use Relaunch to fire up the Finder app Connect your iPhone or iPad again using the cable Check if Finder app is now able to detect your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Jul 08, 2016 Are you using one of the Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, or 2010? Then you might have the same issue like us. If you are the one who have the same issue, read this post and solve the problem easy! We recently noticed about this problem while fixing one of our client’s Microsoft Office issue. It did exactly same thing like the main title.